INFANT FULL DAY/FULL-TIME- $950.00/month or $43.85/day

All fees are due at the beginning of each month by cheque or money order. Please make cheques payable to Windsor Street Childcare Centre. To make things as easiest as possible we require post-dated cheques for 6 months in advance.

Parents who have children who are still in diapers are expected to supply diapers, wipes and creams that their child may require. Parents whose children require any special supplements or formula are expected to supply it. If your child does not eat the foods supplied on our menu, please inform us and every possible effort will be made to accommodate. If this is not possible parents will have to supply their child's food.

Others fees may apply i.e. Field trips, NSF charges ($25.00) etc.

Statutory Holidays Additional Holidays New Year's Day
Easter Monday
Good Friday
Halifax Natal Day
Canada Day
Thanksgiving Day
Victoria Day
Boxing Day
Christmas Day
Labor Day
Remembrance Day

Toddler Program-$830.00/month or $38.30/day
Preschool Program-$800.00/month or $36.90/day
Part-time Program-$40.00/day (Toddler and Preschool)
Part-time Program-$40.00/day (min. 3 days/week)
(Toddler and Preschool)