Windsor Street Childcare Centre is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. Staff: child ratios will be fulfilled at all times, including breaks. You will be expected to identify regular times of arrival and departure at enrolment. These times are expected to correspond to your working/school hours. In the case of a non-working parent(s), we recommend a core hour program of no more than 8 hours. Notice of changes, which will effect arrival and departure times, should be directed to your child's teacher. Regular arrival and departure times are important for your child's routine and the centre, since child/staff ratios must be met at all times.


If any day designated a holiday fall on a Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday will be observed on the Monday immediately following. The centre is closed on the following holidays:

The centre will close at 12:00pm on Christmas Eve and 3:00pm on New Years Eve.

Statutory Holidays Additional Holidays
New Year's Day Easter Monday
Good Friday Halifax Natal Day
Canada Day Thanksgiving Day
Victoria Day Boxing Day
Christmas Day Labor Day
  Remembrance Day

The centre will close at 1:00pm on Christmas Eve.



1. You must bring your child into the centre. His/her outerwear must be removed in the cubby area and placed in his/her cubby.

2. Your child must be escorted into the playroom and greeted by a teacher. Our responsibility for your child does not begin until he/she is in the care of a staff member. Children are not to be left at the door or in the cubby area.

3. The person arriving or departing with your child is expected to sign the attendance sheet, noting the date and time of arrival. This allows us to see who is on the premises during fire drills and emergencies, and to keep attendance records. Staff is also responsible for keeping attendance.

4. Please notify the centre before 9:30am if your child will not be attending, or will be late. (Please give an approximate time of arrival).

5. Your child is expected to be at the centre by 9:30am. This enables your child to take part in all planned activities and allows the cook to adequately prepare for lunch. In addition, field trips may start at this time.

6. We cannot guarantee supervision at the centre after 9:30am due to possible outings. We will not wait for late children, and will leave for outings promptly to be back in time for lunch. You may be able to meet us at our destination or you may have to wait until we return to the centre.


1. We expect you to pick up your child. In the event that you are unable to do so, notify the centre in advance regarding who will be coming for your child, and an approximate time.

2. Staff members will only release your child to those persons listed on the authorization form at the time of enrolment. Please keep us updated with any changes to this authorization list.

3. If you want someone not listed on the authorization form to pick up your child, you must inform us in writing. If this is not possible, we must be able to contact you for authorization, or we will not release the child to the person.

4. We will not release children to anyone under twelve years old.

5. The centre closes at 6:00pm. It is our policy to call the Police Department and the Children’s Aid Society to inform them of the situation if no contact with the parents or authorized persons has been made by 7:00pm.